Friday, 29 June 2018

Installing postgresql 10 and pgadmin4

Create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list and add a line for the repository

deb xenial-pgdg main

Import the repository signing key, and update the package lists

wget --quiet -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install postgresql-10

sudo apt-get install pgadmin4

Check your password file

cat /etc/passwd

See here line like

postgres:x:26:26:PostgreSQL Server:/var/lib/pgsql:/bin/bash

Check the file path after : here is /var/lib/pgsql

open the file pg_hba.conf for Ubuntu it will be in /etc/postgresql/10/main and change this line:

local   all             postgres                                peer


local   all             postgres                                trust

    Restart the server

    sudo service postgresql restart

    Login into psql and set your password

    psql -U postgres

ALTER USER postgres with password '123456';

    Finally change the pg_hba.conf from

local   all             postgres                                trust


local   all             postgres                                md5

After restarting the postgresql server, you can access it with your own password

Now when you go to prompt of psql
psql -U postgres     it will ask password


Now adding this with pgadmin4

Add new server

give some name to server
hostname: localhost
port: 5432
db: postges
username: postges
password: 123456     - just added

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