Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SVN Tips

=> Get List of Files Changed on / between Revisions
svn diff -r REVNO:HEAD --summarize

If you like to know the files changed on revision 11 than
svn diff -r 10:11 --summarize

if you like to know the files changed in between 5 to 11 and on 11 than
svn diff -r 5:11 --summarize

=>You can know the current revision simply by
svn up

==> Svn checkout:

if your current directory code and svn repository on same server

than svn checkout

else you can use

svn checkout http://svnserverIP/svn/projectName

=> Svn add
svn add application/
add the whole folder into svn repository

svn add public/style/style1.css
adding a file

svn add application/
if application folder already in svn by earlier add and commit it will give error as "application" already svn but you like to add some of un-version files at one go than us
svn add --force application/

Note: any of the svn add will be followed by svn commit command

=> Svn commit
svn commit -m "appropriate message"

=>svn cleanup
svn cleanup

=> svn delete
svn delete tempfile.tmp
deleting single file
svn delete media
deleting whole folder
svn delete --force media
deleting whole folder force.

=> revoming .svn folder from a folder

Go to specified folder

find . -name ".svn" -exec rm -rf {} \;

=> svn branch listing

svn ls https://devtools/svn/AppDev/TruConnect/shop_internetgo/branches/ --verbose

=> svn deleting branches

svn rm  https://devtools/svn/AppDev/TruConnect/shop_internetgo/branches/rc_20170628_1 -m "removing old branches"
=>svn copy branches to create new branch

=> switching your server branch 

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