Sunday, 20 January 2013

Magento 2 comming soon

Its great news for all the Magento Community that Magento 2 is already on the way. In the mean while we can play around the Magento 2 dev version from Git

Now look on the changes in the Magento 2 all around
Component Changes

  • Removed some payment methods and bundled community modules

  • Removed/ceased: Mage_Oscommerce, Mage_XmlConnect,Mage_DataFlow,Mage_Compiler

Functional Changes

  • Theme configuration – simplified into one field

  • Enabling profiler – handled by bootstrap

  • Customizing email templates – no more relation to locale

  • Session lifetime != cookie lifetime (no more cookie lifetime)

Many other changes we will expect in the full release of Magento 2. It is some what based on the Zend Framework 2 to get hold of Dependency Injection(DI) and Model Service Layer.

Come and cross our fingers to get a innovated Magento 2 which more enhances and propels the e-commerce arena. We as a developer thinks to get more knowledge and challenges out of it. So good luck for comming Magento 2.

Credit: Magento Commerce Blog


  1. I am looking forward for Magento 2 on my site. I am so excited for this powerful platform. Magento never fails to amaze me. :)

  2. What is the date of final release? Does somebody know, though approximately?