Sunday, 18 December 2011

Using Linux Tar Command with Examples

1. Creating an archive using tar command

Creating an uncompressed tar archive using option cvf

This is the basic command to create a tar archive.
$ tar cvf archive_name.tar dirname/

In the above command:

  • c – create a new archive

  • v – verbosely list files which are processed.

  • f – following is the archive file name

Creating a tar gzipped archive using option cvzf

The above tar cvf option, does not provide any compression. To use a gzip compression on the tar archive, use the z option as shown below.

$ tar cvzf archive_name.tar.gz dirname/

  • z – filter the archive through gzip

2. Extracting (untar) an archive using tar command

Extract a *.tar file using option xvf

Extract a tar file using option x as shown below:
$ tar xvf archive_name.tar

  • x – extract files from archive

Extract a gzipped tar archive ( *.tar.gz ) using option xvzf

Use the option z for uncompressing a gzip tar archive.
$ tar xvfz archive_name.tar.gz

Extracting a bzipped tar archive ( *.tar.bz2 ) using option xvjf

Use the option j for uncompressing a bzip2 tar archive.
$ tar xvfj archive_name.tar.bz2


3. Extract a single directory from tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 file

To extract a single directory (along with it’s subdirectory and files) from a tar archive, specify the directory name at the end of the tar xvf command as shown below. The following extracts only a specific directory from a large tar file.
$ tar xvf archive_file.tar /path/to/dir/

To extract multiple directories from a tar archive, specify those individual directory names at the end of the tar xvf command as shown below.
$ tar xvf archive_file.tar /path/to/dir1/ /path/to/dir2/

Use the relevant option z or j according to the compression method gzip or bzip2 respectively as shown below.
$ tar xvfz archive_file.tar.gz /path/to/dir/

$ tar xvfj archive_file.tar.bz2 /path/to/dir/


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